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Our dedicated team has a vast experience and comprehensive knowledge of the insurance market, particularly focusing on the taxi industry. 

L A Claims Solutions do the right thing for you as we always put your best interests first!  We provide an independent opinion and guidance to assist with your Fleet Claims Management alongside your Insurance Policy. We deal with everything from the First Notification of Loss right through to supporting you with the negotiations of your Insurance Renewal. Our goal is to get the best possible outcome on your claims, this, in turn, will reflect on the performance of your policy.

Over 20 Years Experience

L A Claims Solutions are an independent Fleet Management partnership with a wealth of knowledge and experience within the fleet insurance industry and the taxi market.  With our background we apply our skills to manage your claims and policy, the right way!

Consulting & Fleet Management

We provide a range of products and services which we tailor to your business to improve your claims process. We keep you in line with an ever changing market and guide you through the journey of your insurance policy.

First Notification of Loss

Our highly skilled team are on hand to help you through the new claim process. To fulfil all of our customers needs     L A Claims Solutions provide around the clock service when it comes to reporting accidents via Web, App, Email or Telephone.

Intervention Service

A fast, easy and effective reporting service allows for maximum intervention opportunities. We apply all of our skills and experience when it comes to this as we know the impact it can have on your insurance policy when the opportunities are missed.

Settlement Assist

We understand the need for a quick and professional turn around on claims to ensure you have minimal time without a vehicle.  L A Claims Solutions provide expert guidance on claims by guaranteeing an efficient and reliable service.

Audit & Assurance

We provide an independent assessment on how your claims past and present are being handled by your insurers. As part of our service we go through your historic claims and ensure the policy is showing as a true reflection on its performance.
We aim to provide a realistic outcome on how your claims should be settled and guide you through the process from start to finish.

How we help with claims

and why you need us!

We provide assistance from the first stages to the final moments of each claim by guiding you through the claims lifecycle. We are on hand to ensure all claims are reported at the earliest opportunity to you and your insurers so there is no delay that may adversely affect your policy.

L A Claims Solutions will be your voice to your insurers by ensuring all reserves are accurate and appropriate to deliver the best possible outcome for your policy.


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